Enjoying the future home office

Enjoying the future home office


We decided to take the train down to Tokyo. We got ourselves the JR Hokkaido / JR East rail pass which gives us 6 days unlimited travel by train. We’re planning to take a week to get to Tokyo and … Read More

Wallabies vs. Fiji

What an amazing test! We could hear the Fijian tackles in the stands.

Here we go again!

And we’re off watching the Wallabies battle at the Rugby World Cup in Japan. First game Saturday September 21st Straya-Fiji! Bula!

10 TIPS on how to deal with smog as a tourist

Apparently it’s the season of alerts in The Netherlands: code red for a storm that has been raging over the lowlands for the second time. Maybe it’s a reaction from mother nature to the smog alert in the South West … Read More

Winterdip? Bonaire kan je erover heen helpen!

“Zaten wij maar op Bonaire”, is wat de HRLM Globetrotters dachten toen we vorige week naar ‘Ik Vertrek’ keken. Dit keer met Hans en Karin die een ‘adventure golf’ wilden en nog steeds willen starten. Inderdaad, het is nog niet … Read More

Positive ocean-alert: care for our top 5 beaches

Does anyone have beautiful memories of the Great Barrier Reef? Sailing from island to island on the Withsundays for snorkeling to see the most beautiful sea life, coral and fishes. One sunny spot more beautiful than the other. Embrace these … Read More

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