Vietnamese Fishermen and Coracles
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Mui Ne is a small township with beaches, a harbor and Vietnamese blue coracle boats in the sea. Fishermen use these bright blue plastic boats to fish the catch of the day. These boats are... Read More

Rail away in Vietnam
| | Spending a couple of exciting days in Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City, it became time for another destination. A place with maximum relaxation, beaches and some good weather: here we come Mui Ne!We... Read More

Enjoying HCMC
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Living the dream in HCMC with Sjoerd and Lan Ahn! Enjoying the fine beats of HCMCs own DJ Tiny Read More

Het is gelukt, we zijn in Vietnam!!
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Bangkok Airport wordt druk bezocht, dus alles bestaat alleen maar uit rijen: voor de ‘bagage drop-off ‘, paspoortcontrole, wc, etc. Gevolg: rennen voor je poen, want je vliegtuig vertrekt! Gelukkig vliegt Thai Airways naar Vietnam... Read More

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