ANZAC day in Canberra
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The 25th of April we decided to visit Canberra, coincidentally also ANZAC Day, which is one of the most important national occasions to the Ozzies. It’s much like our Memorial day in Holland, the 4th of... Read More

Working at a cows farm
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Our first experience with Workaway was at a cows farm, with Geoff and Jan. Jan, who works at the library of a technical university, and Geoff, a former finance director, are now owners of quite... Read More

Meet Mr. Turbo! – Our new member of the family
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Probably the best way to travel is by car and definitely with a Toyota 4-wheel drive! At least, for us anyway. Our public transport experience has come with its’ adventures. Although the facilities are very well organised, we... Read More

Explore green Sydney
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Between a blue ocean, palm trees and green hills lies Sydney. A wide spread city with beautiful houses and their well organized gardens. This surrounds the financial city centre, which includes high towers, the famous Harbour bridge... Read More

Final days before Australia

In the last couple of days we cleaned the house, packed our bags and saw all of our friends and family. When it comes to meeting our friends and family I always promise to myself... Read More

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