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Local restaurants in Nakhon Si Thammarat

Eating in local restaurants in Nakhon Si Thammarat (NST) is very fun thing to do: the people are very happy to see you and the food is the best! There are many local restaurants in the Thai city, but we select ours based on the popularity amongst the locals, possibility to sit outside and the cosiness of that place. Also known as the Dutch ‘gezelligheid’.

It sometimes happens that the perfect little place isn’t the restaurant to be. When nobody speaks English and the menu is unreadable, than there is nothing left to do but find ‘gezelligheid’ somewhere else. We thought about using google-translate or make pictures of food that we like and the peppers I mostly dislike. As adventurous as it sounds, we ended up eating at the same places. A small summery of our favorite choice of restaurants. (In particular 2 restaurants. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Or check all the restaurants in Nakhon Si Thammarat for more inspiration.

This restaurants has ‘gezelligheid’.



Jasmine restaurant for lunch

Out lack of inspiration and energy to search for something good we found a small eating place for lunch close to the Twin Lotus Hotel. (The place where we stayed) It is across the street, behind the ‘phillips’-store. I kid you not!

It’s friends with benefits. Four little shops are connected with each other: small kiosk for coffee, a kiosk for other drinks, eating place for dinner and a lunch place to cover all meals of the day. Don’t get your head in the clouds, it is very basic, very Thai and very small. Just walk trough all these places and take a side door to the Jasmine restaurant.

We always eat outside, which is a struggle for the lady who owns that place. She is always telling us, with a big smile, that it is to hot: “hot hot!” Indeed, she speaks a few words of English, has multiple menus in English and remembers everything you ever ordered.

Every time we are there the same thing happens, almost like Groundhog Day the movie.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We sit down. The owner says “hot hot” and cleans our table. We get a menu and we order. “No i” means no ice and “no ri” means no rice. We get our food, which is fabulous. In the end we have to pay inside, because, you know… “hot hot”

Four little restaurants. Can you find the Jasmine restaurant!?!


Restaurant we cannot pronounce

The friendly neighbour of the Jasmine restaurant, is that place you only can have dinner. The name is in Thai and it probably is named after a plant or a flower. During the day a buffet is made, but we couldn’t eat from it. I don’t know why. However at dinner time it is packed with locals.

Although the menu was in English, the waitress could only speak the language of the menu. It was very clear, there was a certain hierarchy in the 5 girls who are working at that small place. Our theory: a mother who often sit next to a table. Her Thai daughter with painted blond hair walked around, knew every order of every table and she often looked moody. I believe that’s just her relaxt face. The other girls where a little shy, insecure and let the blond daughter do all the running.

After we ordered our food, I always watched the Thai soap on the television in front of our favorite table, with all the waitresses. Except the blond, yes. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It is a very popular show, because when I looked around many girls where peaking. Fancy dresses, to much make up and a cheap set is attracting all of us to the screen. Accept when my favourite coconut-soup-chicken arrives. Than I’m in heaven.

It was delicious!

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