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Getting rid of jet lag: 5 tips

It has been almost a week now that we arrived at good old Schiphol Airport. Immidiately our schedule was overwhelmed with parties, fun things and visiting our friends and family. Just when you think you have a moment to yourself, the jetlag kicks in: energy drains out of your body, you’re feeling jetlag-drunk, red eyes are starting to develop and the zombie look-a-like transition takes place. Getting rid of jet lag in 5 tips.

It is maybe weird to take jet lag-advice from us. Apart from looking really crappy, I believe we are doing actually really well. We manage to stay awake during the day, as well as having a very good night sleep. Despite the fact that there are many things you can do before and during the 12-hour flight, which we totally ignored by the way, since we were mainly focused on ‘what to do at destination’. Just 5 tips for Getting rid of jet lag and keeping you awake.


1. Adjust to the new time zone

Usually we sleep and definitely relax in the airplane. Many movies we finally can catch up with. Yet, we always try to time our plane rest with the time zone of our destination. So this time, we were awake almost our entire flight, since we arrived in the evening in Holland (coming from Bangkok). We slept like a baby when we finally got into our bed.

Professionals say that sticking with the rhythm of the new time zone really helps to adjust quickly. Also napping should be avoided or limited to maximum 20 minutes, since it could cause trouble sleeping at night. Just stretch your bedtime after 9 p.m. and you will be fine.


2. Time to eat

The best way is to stick to the breakfast, lunch and dinner times as you normally would. Only now in the new time zone. Also, try to eat the things you use to at destination. Maintaining the routines, the body automatically understands in which time zone you’re in. Even if you aren’t hungry it could prevent the need for getting a midnight snack. I trust you on eating the healthy stuff. 😉


3. Get sunlight during the day

Staying inside, in a dark place, doesn’t help to beat a jet lag. According to the Sunlight Foundation, daylight is that powerfull, that it could reset your biological clock.

We are very lucky the last couple of days. The sun is everywhere!


4. Excercise

Some say it is a remedy for everything, excercising. It keeps you alert during the day and provides you a good night sleep. It is almost a must-do to get rid of a jet lag. Depending on your energy level, you could stick to your favourite routine. If your energy level is low, just walk for a few hours. It will definitely stimulate the wakefulness.


5. Avoid alcohol

Experts advise travellers to avoid alcohol before, during and after the flight. Again, we missed the before part. However, we never drink during our flight. Due to the fact that when you sleep, the quality of sleep is good. It’s opposite when you use alcohol.

In the same way, alcohol doesn’t help you tackle a jet lag. Even if you have a couple of hours of sleep. For your health it is important that your body has a period of real rest, even if it’s only a short period of time. Instead of a long light sleep, which is the effect of drinking alcohol before going to bed.




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