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Rooftop gardens

If you ever have the change to go to Singapore and wander off into the city, take a good look at the rooftops of random buildings. There is a whole other world going on, full of greeneries and gardens.

In 2016 Singapore became 2nd in the worldwide competition ‘best green buildings’. A real contest between Paris, Sydney, New York, London and Hongkong.

Especially buildings are the largest energy-consuming objects of the world. A competition like this forces cities to think innovative in a ‘green’ way. Categories such as: city-wide green building landscape, building efficiency and performance, green building landscape, green building policies and targets, green city culture and environment.

Check out the 5 awesome green buildings in Singapore, selected by Lifestyle Asia:


1. Capita Green Building

This ecological building has greenery everywhere, with rainwater harvest system to maintain the building.


2. Three House

This vertical garden is that big, that it set a record in the Guinness World Record.


3. NTU School of Art, Design and Media

Maximising resource efficiency and having minimum waste, it is the most eco-friendly campus in the world.


4. Oasia Horel

This unique designed hotel combined green solutions, urban landscapes and architectural engineering.


5. Eco Sanctuanry

The Eco Sanctuary houses brings human and nature together, with an unique eco-system that attracks beautiful spicies like butterflies.




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