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Rail away in Vietnam

Spending a couple of exciting days in Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City, it became time for another destination. A place with maximum relaxation, beaches and some good weather: here we come Mui Ne!

Our train (SPT2) at Sai Gon railway station

We tried to find a transportation solution that will cross 300km. Of course, renting a car came to our minds, but unfortunately it was too expensive. So what where the alternatives? Train; the downside was that we had to leave very early in the morning. Okay, we will take the bus, since we could choose the time schedule. Good, modern and affordable alternative........and it's done! Ticket booked online.


While we were packing our stuff, the tickets were subconsciously floating in my mind. Suddenly it hit me: did we checked the liability of the bus its' tour-operator? NOPE. Surfing on the line (internet), it had terrible and horrible reviews. So these bus tickets were a good pay off for a long and happy life. 😉

After searching some other alternatives, we decided to go with the morning glory and take the train. IT WAS FANTASTIC! It was very easy to find for the taxi driver, the train couches were clean, water and napkins on the house and not that many people were around.

Sai gon suburbs

Afterwards, it was the best decision ever. Instead of watching 4 hours concrete&cars, we saw green&Vietnam and had a sneak peak through the back door into the lives of the people of rural Vietnam.


The first stage of the Vietnamese railway express, was leaving Ho Chi Minh City. The train went trough suburbs, passed rivers and busy crossovers. We saw many living rooms, shared gardens for a moment and observed market places in a snap-shot. So now and than we saw others using the ground next to the railway to grow veggies or spices. It felt really intimate, but people did not even notice us. It was a real life scenery.

Views from the train

Before we new it we could see the palm trees between the houses. The city changed in villages, now and then with beautiful lush greenish hills. Slowly the landscape changed. First with many aloe vera or dragon fruit fields. In some areas, locals appeared to be drying (what may seemed) palm leaves or tabbacco. Then the train took us into the jungle. Sometimes the forest tried to take over the train, when beautiful shaped flora would hit our windows.


Meanwhile the train had a relaxed speed, shifting from one side to the other. In the background the train made a "booh booh" warning sound, to make sure no cow or farmer would be standing in our way. Now and then, our journey went on in our dreams when we closed our eyes for a little while. On the end of the railway was our stop: "Phan Thiėt". Welcomed by the loving and caring taxi-drivers. Perhaps a story for another time... 😉

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  1. Arjan G.
    | Reply

    awesome film!
    ziet er allemaal goed uit

    • matthijs
      | Reply

      Thanks! Gaat lekker hier

  2. Sam
    | Reply

    Heey Arjan, goed om te horen dat het filmpje leuk is… we zullen blijven oefenen op onze acting-skills 😉

    • Arjan
      | Reply

      volgende keer een leuke sketch, of kunnen we opdrachten meegeven? 😉

  3. Sam
    | Reply

    Verzoekjes zijn altijd welkom. Wellicht kan Thijs zijn sketch-kwaliteiten inzetten.. 😀

  4. chimene
    | Reply

    het is een hele leuke website ♥
    liefs Chimène

    Nu heeft ze een leuke manier om Engels te oefenen!
    gr jacq

    • matthijs
      | Reply

      Heeej bedankt. We zijn blij dat jullie het leuk vinden. We doen ons best regelmatig te posten.

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