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Explore green Sydney

Between a blue ocean, palm trees and green hills lies Sydney. A wide spread city with beautiful houses and their well organized gardens. This surrounds the financial city centre, which includes high towers, the famous Harbour bridge and the Opra House. Picture here, picture there, CHECK!

Because Sydney contains many (green) areas, we decided to check it out and get used to ‘wild’ life. So, the moment we hit foot on Australian ground, we walked. First very safe to the beach, where we already discovered magnificent big spiders above our heads, just chilling. According to locals, big animals, no harm. Okay then.. ?

Next, walking along the coast line where more forest shows up. More spiders, more birds and more iguanas. Afterwards, we found others natural parks, botanic gardens and walking routes where we enjoyed many views on the city and the sea. Not to mention the many types of tropical plants. Next to this, we are still amazed about all kinds of parrot-like birds in green and white, the doves with mohawks and the bigger type of white birds with long beaks. Also known as ‘Bastards’. First impression is very good!



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